What Happens After FUE Hair Transplantation? – 1

First days of FUE hair transplantation

Pain and comfortless

Low level of pain can be felt in first hours following FUE hair transplantation. You can easily overcome it by taking painkillers. Medicines before bed time will provide you a long and nice night sleep. Most people do not need to take drugs for sleeping after the first night.

Formation of edema

It is possible to have edema formation after the third (3rd) day. Formation of edema on eye bottoms and temporal area is a part of healing process. There is chance for no edema formation. Usually formation of edema is experienced three (3) to four (4) days after hair transplantation. Patients can use steroid for preventing edema formation as advised by doctor. Sleeping in half sitting position and keeping your upper half body in higher position will help to minimalize edema formation.

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