Basic Stages of Hair Transplantation

Here are the basic stages of hair transplantation!


The first basic stages of hair transplantation is awareness. In order to have hair transplantation, the hair loss should be visible. This fact can be pointed out by a friend, family member or even by ourselves in front of mirror. For a while, the issue is evaluated rather it is temporary or not. Everyone mentions this to their hair stylists.

Research Process

We know that we have hair loss and now we are trying to find the ways for reversing this issue. Our hair stylist is still the first person we advised. Some cosmetic products are tested with no result, now hair transplantation alternative is the topic. Appointments made for hair transplantation centers. You complete your research process when you found the doctor who transplants the most natural looking and most frequent hair. Of course, hair transplantation price is also effective on our decision.

Stressful waiting process

Now you are nervous just like every other person while waiting for your hair transplantation operation. Some people feel even worried. You start to ask to your partner or friends if it was the right decision, as a last resort. This process starts a week before the operation and continues until half time in the operation until you understand how unnecessary these worries were.

Happiness Process

Hair transplantation was completed a few hours ago. You are tired, but you are also aware of the long gone burden on your shoulders. You cannot take yourself away from thousands of little red dots ready to have your hair growing in them. This happiness continues increasingly for a month.

Hesitation process

One month passed since hair transplantation, and the full looking hair is lost. Yes, your doctor told you written and verbally before, and he/she also told you many times not to demoralize. But, you were connected to your new hair in very short time. You better visit your doctor and get his/her opinion.

Waiting Process

You have no expectations until the third month, but you still check your hair regularly in fornt of mirror. In fourth and fifth month, there is an unnoticeable darkness but you are still far away from having hair.

Satisfaction process

We are in between sixth and ninth months. Your new hair is more visible and covering effects are increasing day by day. People start to realize the positive change on you. With bing proud of your right choice, you share your doctor’s name with your loved ones and friends with hair loss. It makes you even happier that people out of your social circle have no idea about your hair transplantation.

Increase on expectation

One year passed after your hair transplantation and you are happy with your new hair. Changes in your social and family lives are continuously open new pages for you. But there is still a question in your mind. ‘Should I have second hair transplantation for having a more frequent hair?’

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