Sapphire FUE


The sapphire FUE technique is the same technique as other FUE techniques. The technique is basically creating a hole on the scalp and then inserting the hair grafts into these holes. What is different about the technique is the instrument used to open the holes. In sapphire FUE a blade made out of sapphire is used instead of the metal blade.

Sapphire is a precious natural gem. The sapphire has antibacterial properties and because of this feature it has a low risk of infection, although the risk of infection with the steel blades are also very low.

The sapphire blade does not get blunt and this enables the surgeon to work on the scalp easily throughout the whole operation. That is why many hair transplant surgeons prefer those blades since 2016 when they were on the market.

The sapphire blades also have a low risk of creating allergic reactions. These blades are preferred when the patient has tendency to allergies.

The sapphire blades also enable that the surgeon creates a more precise incision for the hair grafts. This precious enables smaller but less scarring incisions. The sapphire blade is V shaped and this shape helps the surgeon create smaller, fine incisions which leads to better recovery.