What Happens After FUE Hair Transplantation? – 2

Scabbing will reduce and pinkish color will increase in operated area. This pinkish color will be visible less and less for a few weeks. It is advised for people with lighter skin color to avoid sunlight.

  • Physical Activities

You will start to have your exercises with more ease; but it is helpful to be cautious on operated area in this stage.

  • Itch and Pain feeling

You will feel this itch and pain for a few weeks as a part of recovery process; and it will reduce every other day.

  • Four weeks after FUE hair transplantation

Redness or pinkness in operated area is long gone. 85% of transplanted hair is gone in three to four weeks, and the recipient area looks as same as pre-transplantation appearance.

  • Physical Activities

Most of the daily physical activities can be performed. It is beneficial to stay away from extreme sports.

  • Three months after FUE hair transplantation

Even it is not much different from pre-operation look; there is a small amount of fullness in some parts through the non-lost transplanted hairs.

  • Sudden hair loss

In a few cases, some patients may experience sudden hair loss on their non-transplanted hair for a temporary time. It will grow back along with transplanted hair.

  • New Hairs

Acne occurrence will be the main issue to be cautious about. It is beneficial to see your doctor in case of more than one acnes occurrence. They can be removed by a simple drainage or drug process usage.

  • Six months after FUE hair transplantation

Your new hair is more visible now. Surroundings of recipient area are now more noticeable.

  • Hair Growth

The final results from the Hair Restoration should be obvious and noticeable. At this time the new hair will have grown to its normal thickness. Although most patients may see most of their results at this time, more improvement in fullness and thickness should be expected up until 18 months from hair transplant. The size of the donor scar will mature during the first year and should be at its final size at this time in patients who had the strip hair transplant procedure.

  • One year after FUE hair transplantation

Now 12 months passed after FUE hair transplantation and you have reached the final result. On the other hand, if you like to have a long hair, you might need to wait three to six more months. You can decide rather or not having second operation.

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