How much hair loss will I experience in upcoming years?

I am 22 years old and I observe increasing hair loss and hair thinning every other day. I would like to know is there a way for you to predict how much hair loss I will experience as I age.

I do not think it is possible to predict how much hair loss will you experience and which level of Norwood scale you will be in when you are just at the beginning of your 20s. On the other hand, we will have a better chance for predicting when you are in your 30s and 40s.

Do you think Vitamin D deficiency can cause hair thinning and hair loss?

I learned that I have vitamin D deficiency after visiting my doctor. I do not know how long I have this deficiency. I can see some baldness in some parts of my hair, especially frontal and back areas. Is it possible for me to have hair loss due to vitamin D deficiency? If so, would you suggest me to have hair transplant?

Vitamin D deficiency is in amongst the potential hair loss causes. I think, it would be beneficial for you to delay your decision about hair transplant after the vitamin D treatment that your doctor will suggest for you. Also, it would be helpful for you to track the vitamin D treatment rather it is beneficial for your hair loss or not.

Do hair transplantation doctors take sudden hair loss in consideration?

According to my own researches prior to hair transplantation, I heard that transplanting hair in between thinned hair follicles can cause sudden hair loss. In the planning, should more hair be transplanted in these areas or should I have second hair transplantation on this area afterwards?

In hair transplant operations for people under age of 30, sudden hair loss should always be considered. If they are not receiving any hair loss treatments, it would be beneficial for them to start one right away. Of course, the same is also an issue for patients over age of 30.

Since the lost hair will grow back, it would not be a good decision to have additional hair transplantation by ignoring already transplanted hair follicles. On the other hand, if these areas are not wide in cm2 scale, having transplantation would not be an issue.

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