Can I receive beard transplant along with hair transplant?

If you have enough follicles in donor site, there are no problems to have them at the same time. You can decide the order of the procedures with your doctor.

I am diabetic and regularly using insulin. Is it possible for me to have FUE hair transplant? What should I be careful about?

There are not any problems for you to have FUE hair transplant. You can continue to use your insulin injections. Your blood sugar might need to be tested during operation.

I am using cholesterol medicines. Would it be a problem to have hair transplant?

Do not forget to bring your medicines along on the day of operation and you can continue to use them within your routine schedule.

I am taking aspirin for a year as suggested by my doctor. What should I be careful about before hair transplant?

If you are taking aspirin related to cardiac issues, you should share this information with your doctor and with the doctor performing hair transplant. If you are experiencing a serious cardiac problem, you need to take an approval from your doctor. Aspirin and likewise blood thinning drugs should not be used seven (7) to ten (10) days prior to operation.

I have wens on recipient and donor areas. Is it possible to remove them during FUE hair transplant?

It is possible to remove them under local anesthesia. It might be necessary to show these wens to your doctor prior to hair transplant surgery, and your doctor may have a plan accordingly.

I have partial hair loss on my sideburns. How long would it take to have transplantation in these areas?

It depends on the transplanted follicle amount, but it should be done in 1-2 hours.

If I want to thicken my eyebrows after eyebrow transplant, would it be possible to have second eyebrow operation on the same area?

You can have a completing eyebrow transplant operation one year later.

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