What is the time for hair growth and when it is lost?

Before the explanation for hair life cycle, it is normal for you to lose around 100 hairs per day. It is important to see a doctor, if your hair loss is higher than this.

Our hair has 3 sections of its life cycle:

Anagen Phase (Growing phase) lasts 2-6 years. In this process, your hair grows 10 cm every year. 85% of our hair is always in this phase.

Catagen Phase (Cessation phase) lasts 2 weeks. Hair follicles shrink in this phase and prepare for rest phase.

Telogen Phase (Rest phase) lasts 1-6 months. In this process, hair does not grow but holds on the follicle. Some hair will be lost in this phase in regard with aging. 10-15% is always in this phase. After completing rest phase, our hair returns to anagen phase.

How can I be sure that operating doctor understands my demands fully before the hair transplant operation?

First of all, make sure your doctor is a certificated plastic surgeon who is authorized for this operation.

Is he/she paying attention to you during consultation?

Is he/she listening to your questions? Or is he/she talking about the operation in classic sentences?

Does your doctor realize the missing information and informing you on those subjects?

Can he/she present his/her expertise and experience on hair transplant visually?

Did he/she make a plan for operating areas on your head?

These points above will help you, but it is always beneficial to have an opinion of an alternative doctor.

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