When Does The Male Pattern Baldness Stop?

Is the hair frequency on back of our head lesser than hair frequency on top of our head?

Person with no hair loss general hair frequency is same or similar. As we age, back and sides of the head will have the same hair frequency while the top and frontal areas lessen. This is why these areas used as donor site for hair transplant.

How many hairs should I have planted for 100% hair frequency?

Considering that an average male has 200 hairs per cm2 and 50% of it can provide normal hair frequency, having 100 hairs per cm2 will provide a satisfactory result. There are important factors such as; hair thickness, hair color, skin color, and hair type. For example, let’s think about hair transplantation of 100 hairs per cm2. If your hair is dark and skin is white, your result will not be the same as a person with light hair color and light skin. As a result, not everything is related with numbers in hair transplant.

What would be the result in sense of having limitless donor site for hair transplant?

Hair count of 200 per cm2 for a person with no hair loss can be transplanted. It is not possible to have this transplant in one time, if the patient is on Norwood 6-7 levels.

When does the male pattern baldness stop?

Hair loss is an ongoing process. If there are not any underlying issues, your hair loss will slow down in your 40s.

Which areas are used as donor site for eyebrow transplant?

The suitable area is the donor site on back of your head. The thinnest possible hairs are collected in this area. Even it is possible to collect hair from other parts of the body; hair collected from those areas have tendency for loss, and therefore they are seen as the last option.


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