How many days would it take me to return back to my social life after hair transplant operation?

There are many questions about healing process prior to hair transplant operations. Some of them generic and some of them are related with certain work groups. Let’s take a look on these questions:

I am a 34 years old bank manager. I will have FUE hair transplant in my fifteen days long annual vacation. How many days later can I go outside? When I can join to social life without noticeable hair transplant?

Even the total graft amount for hair transplant is essential for healing process; you can join to social life in 7-10 days by using a hat. When you return to your job, you will have short hair appearance. There can be redness in relation with skin color and sensitivity.

I will leave the country for business 3 days after my hair transplant. What kind of issues will I face?

First of all, I should mention that there is no problem for you to travel. At the end of the day, several people are coming to our country for hair transplant and they are going back to their countries in a few days. On the other hand, people you will interview talk about hair transplant more than your business, and that might be a problem for you.

I am regularly exercising. Which day can I return to my sports activities?

It is beneficial for you to avoid any hard sports activities for 1 week. You can start to walk and jogging in 3-4 days after consulting with you doctor.

I have a wedding 6 months later. What kind of appearance should I expect during the wedding?

Even your hair is not fully grown; probably you will have a nice appearance esthetically.

I am a long distance ship captain. I will go out 5 days after hair transplant. What kind of troubles will I probably face with during healing process in ship?

If there are no issues on water quality in ship and you took the necessary medicines with yourself, you will probably have no problems at all. Still, you should be cautious about hygiene in the ship.

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