Frontal hair transplant

One thing that will never stop trending is the hair transplant.

Receding frontal hairlines are the type of progressive hair loss that shows the early sign of balding or baldness. Many men – if not all – may have to deal with a receding frontal hairline at some point during their lives.

If your frontal hair looks natural, then the rest of the hair transplant will also look great, but if the frontal line looks otherwise, the quality of the rest hair you replaced will not be relevant. So it is important that creation of the frontal hair frame the face and looks natural throughout the lifetime of the patient.

And when it comes to link verilmeli hair transplant, the creation of the frontal hair is the most essential, because the patient, family, friends and the rest of the world easily notice frontal hairline.

As we have already said the most important thing in hair transplant is the look of the transplanted hair natural. This natural look comes mainly from the frontal hairline. For a natural looking hair a thorough planning is the most important first step. The surgeon has to have a personal aesthetic vision and well established know-how to plan a natural looking frontal hairline. That is why the hair transplantation done by the hands of an experienced aesthetic surgeon looks natural.

During the consultation, the question patients ask most is “Will FUE or FUT hair transplant fix my receding frontal hairlines? The answer to the question is complex, but an experienced surgeon, who is experienced in both FUT and FUE operations, will give the best answer depending on his expertise. The choice of the method depends on the needs of the patient. It is sometimes FUT, it is sometimes FUE and it is sometimes both.

What is FUE hair transplant?

FUE is the short form of Follicular Unit Extraction and it’s the best when it comes to hair transplant. FUE fue sayfasına link verilmeli is a technical and specialised method of hair transplantation proven to be effective in terms of minimal scarring, results and recovery time.

Is hair transplant the permanent solution to balding or baldness?

The answer is yes. Whether FUT or FUE technique is used to transplant your hair, the two techniques are almost the same. The hair roots are taken from your donor area (back side of your head) and planted to your recipient area (bald area) and then the new hair will grow from the planted hair roots and become permanent. When the new hair grows and becomes permanent, you will never lose the hair again.

The hair that grows after transplantation will have a natural look and feel, and you can shave, dye or cut them. They will grow again just like the natural hair.

Hair transplantation has a lot of benefits and the fact that the procedure is painless makes it even greater. Compare to hair wigs, weaves and toupees, hair transplant is a permanent solution to baldness and it also offers better-looking outcome.

Although people are sceptical about having their hair transplanted in the past because former practices were not giving desired results, the modern method of hair transplantation has proven to be the best solution to baldness.

Is hair transplant really worth it?

Yes, it is really worth your money when it comes to restoring your hair. When the frontal part of your hairline is gone, everyone looking at you will notice it. If you really want to look your best like when you were young, you have the option of frontal hair transplant and you can do the same to other bald areas of your head too.

Every year, thousands of men visit Istanbul for hair transplant neden türkiye sayfasına link verilmeli because of the tremendous results people get and share. In Newage Clinic we have provided not only hair on the scalp but also confidence in the heart of many man and woman who have had the problem of thinning hair and baldness.

Whether you are young or old, hairs always make you more elegant!

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