4 Reasons to Come To Turkey For Hair Transplantation

Turkey has been appealing a considerable amount of tourists, not only because of its natural and historic beauties but also because of the high standard medical care that Turkish doctors and Turkish hospitals are offering to the world.

Turkish doctors have made quiet a name globally about their abilities in aesthetic surgery area and especially in hair transplantation. In the recent years Turkey receives more than 500 hair transplantation patients coming to Turkey everyday from different countries.

It is obvious that European hair transplantation patients would be eager to travel to Turkey, because it is very close. Also it is the same case for the Arab countries. But Newage Clinic has been receiving numerous patients coming form different and far areas of the world. It is no longer surprising to see patients coming from USA, Canada, even from Uruguay, New Zealand and Australia.

So why?

Why do so many people choose to come to Turkey, especially to Newage Clinic for the hair transplantation operation?

Well-noted Turkish Hair Transplantation Surgeons

Turkish plastic surgeons have made quite a name in hair transplantation surgery. This may have its roots in the Turkish peoples’ character. Turkish people are always very much into new technologies and trends. They adapt themselves very easily to novelties.

When hair transplantation starting been popular about 20 years ago and mostly Follicular Unit Transfer (FUT) technique was almost the only choice. Turkish doctors adapted the FUT technique easily and started to treat their patients with this technique. After 2003, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) started to be popular and then Turkish doctors have adapted themselves to use FUE technique.

Dr. Ilker Apaydın is one of the few plastic who started early in doing hair transplantation and he is capable of offering FUE or FUT techniques, or sometimes both of them combined, depending on the special needs of the patient.

Affordable prices

The main reason for the patients to choose Turkey as a destination for hair transplantation is obviously economic.

Who doesn’t want to receive the premium quality for the lowest price? That is what happens when an international patient comes to Turkey to have hair transplantation.

The price for hair transplantation is given per one graft after an online consultation. The price per graft is approximately 1-3 dollars in Turkey, where it is 8 to 17 dollars in the US, 5-10 pounds in London, 5-10 dollars in Brussels and 4 to 15 dollars in Dubai.

Having said that, we must warn you not to believe in the very low prices you may get after a quick search in the internet.

Although it is illegal for a non-medical person to do hair transplantation there are plenty of so-called clinics or hair transplantation specialist who are not doctors, or even a medical person. Beware of such deals. They may be just some technicians.

In Newage Clinic Dr. Ilker Apaydin does the hair transplantation operation with the help of a very experienced nurse team. Dr. Ilker is an ISHRS certified hair transplant surgeon who has trained as a plastic surgeon basically.

The State-of-Art Hospitals

Turkish hospitals have very high quality standards and many of them are luxurious like a 5 star hotel. The hospitals make a lot of investment in their equipment and the quality of the medical services to keep themselves up to date.

The Turkish government supports the clinics and the doctors for medical tourism. That support brings a sweet competition between the numerous high profile hospitals and ensures that all the hospitals are well equipped, newly decorated and full of medical professionals who are very compatible in their work.

Beautiful Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most inspiring cities in the whole world. You cannot have enough time to see numerous exciting sites in Istanbul when you visit Istanbul. This energetic city offers natural beauty, history, shopping, nightlife, fine dining, all at the same time.

Newage Clinic is situated in very heart of the city. The clinic, the hotel and the hospital are all in the same area and this area is at a walking distance to Beşiktaş, an area by the beautiful Bosphorus, where you can hop on a small boat that takes you to the Asian side in 15 minutes.

Our clinic is also very close to Nişantaşı, a very popular shopping area full of beautiful cafes and restaurants. If you want to see Istiklal Caddesi or Sultanahmet, you can just take a taxi and it will take maximum 20 minutes to arrive depending on the traffic.

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