10 Questions You Should Ask Prior to Fue Hair Transplantation Operations

50% of men face with different levels of hair loss before they are 50 years old. It is not certain to predict hair weakening and hair loss pattern that starts in early twenties.

As Newage; during our consultations prior to hair transplantation, patients are provided for all the information by doctors prior to fue hair transplantation operation. Therefore, the person would have all the necessary knowledge for deciding to have the operation prior to fue hair transplantation operation.

We are fully aware that there are so many details you need to learn and know prior to fue hair transplantation; therefore, let’s take a look at 10 questions you should ask prior to your hair transplantation.

1-Is my age suitable for fue hair transplantation?

As Newage Clinic, we believe that each case should be considered as unique and it is beneficial to have personalized plans for each person. For this reason, person’s age is essential for these considerations along with other factors.

During fue hair transplantation operation, our priority for age is also directly related to level of hair loss.For all cases with sufficient donor site, it is possible to have certain amount of hair transplantation in worst case scenario. The right time is determined by doctor and patient.

2-How many follicles should be harvested?

Width of fue hair transplantation applying area and richness of donor site will determine the frequency of harvesting per cm2.

3-How much does fue hair transplantation cost?

Fue hair transplantation is an effort focused and skill included surgical procedure. Doctor’s experience is the key factor to determine the cost of this operation. It would be more helpful to have an examination for the hair transplantation pricing.

4-Is there a need for post-op support treatment after fue hair transplantation?

All hair transplanted people, especially the younger ones, would have benefits from medicine and treatments as a support. Finasteride and minoxidil medicines are the ones with most effectualness.

5-Would I need second hair transplantation on upcoming years?

It is not possible to have desired frequency for fue hair transplantation session with baldness above 100-120 cm2. On the other hand, if your hair loss continues on upcoming years, you will need to have hair transplantation on upcoming years for the new bald areas. Also, you might need to have second hair transplantation in order to increase hair frequency of previous hair transplantation.

6-Do I have sufficient donor site for fue hair transplantation?

Your donor site will be examined by our doctors both with naked eye and magnifiers (proscope) prior to fue hair transplantation and it will be determined whether you donor site is suitable or not for fue hair transplantation.

7-Will me hair have a natural appearance after fue hair transplantation?

Our doctors years long accomplishments on fue hair transplantation and their developed techniques due experience on the field are the key to have a natural looking result.

8-How long fue hair transplantation operation takes?

Fue hair transplantation will be completed in 6 to 8 hours regarding to operation conditions, hair type and compatibility of scalp.

9-When will my hair start to grow after fue hair transplantation?

While the general result of fue hair transplantation would start to pay off around third month, usually 8 to 12 months after operation the final result will be gained.

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