Fearsome 7 of Hair Transplantation

Sudden hair loss is a fearsome natural process for anyone considering hair transplantation. Sudden hair loss usually occurs after hair transplantation as a loss or thinning of hair in non-transplanted parts. Non-transplanted hair gets into telogen phase –which means resting state – on people who experience sudden hair loss. Hair in this phase will move to anagen phase (regrown) in a few months along with transplanted hair.

Formation of edema can be encountered in hair transplantation procedure just like all the other surgical procedures. Usually it is observed on frontal area, but it also can be observed on temporal sides and bottom eyes. It is gone in a few days, but still worries people who consider having hair transplantationoperation. Formation of edema is non-harmful for your health or transplantation performance; and even it is not seen on every case, its effects can be minimalized by following the directions of your doctor.

Itchiness is a routine issue for hair transplantation procedures. Usually observed on donor site, this situation differs from people to people. Reason of the itchiness is the thousands of scabs occurrence after surgery. Usually it is not serious, but sometimes it can be inconvenient in accordance with skin sensitivity. Donor site can be moisturized by moisturizer and shampoo. In case of serious condition, you can use the drugs advised by your doctor.

Infection is a rare situation in hair transplantation operations. Given antibiotics after hair transplantationminimalizes risk of infection. Patients concerned about this issue are getting fewer and fewer in time.

Scars were fearsome when Fut operations were popular; but thanks to FUE hair transplantation method, it is called as ‘non-scaring hair transplantation’ by patients. Latest developments in FUE hair transplantation method help people with hair loss to make an easier decision on having hair transplantation. Increase on hair transplantation demand day by day shows the importance of FUE hair transplantation method.

Cyst and acnes might be encountered after operation. Cysts are encountered if the follicles are damaged or placed too deeply. Acnes are seen more regularly along with hair growth, but it does not worry people who have decided to have hair transplantation.

Becoming grass head or not is a choice. Every patient will have their own choices while having hair transplantation. Hair transplantation performed by illegal and unqualified people might turn you into a grass head. Therefore, person who performs your hair transplantation shall legally be plastic surgeon. We suggest you to search carefully and learn everything about your rights and procedure.

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