Wrong Things that Are Known as Right about Hair Transplantation

In this article, you will learn wrong things about hair transplantation. In our day, it is possible to learn a lot about hair transplantation operation procedure through sources on internet. It is possible to give right decision in the light of this information, but it also creates its own myths far from reality.

Let’s check some of the wrong things about hair transplantation:

  1. Hair transplantation / Hair Transfer procedures are expensive

Considering successful hair transplantation and it is a permanent solution, it is obvious that these procedures are even underpriced.

The actual important thing here is that hair transplantation provides natural results and it does not risk your health.

You will see this fact when you compare the price to the tens of years you will have with hair.

  1. People with hair transplantation can be easily noticed

Hair transplantation operation results are not possible to identify, if it was performed by an experienced surgeon, or it is not examined in detail or it is not examined by an expert in the field.

It should be remembered that the most important criterion for successful hair transplantation is not only growth of transplanted hair but also gaining a natural looking result.

  1. Hair transplantation operation’s result is not permanent

Hair transplantation is a permanent surgical procedure as long as hair with low lost possibility is collected from donor site.

  1. There can be a very painful process during and after hair transplantation

Even it is possible to have pain in every surgery, you can have an easy and comforting time during and after hair transplantation operation by the medicine technology in our day. Of course, it should be remembered that everyone has a different pain threshold.

  1. Dandruff is an obstacle for hair transplantation

Dandruff and psoriasis are not an issue for hair transplantation as long as they are not in advanced level. Along with that, your doctor may suggest some treatments for these issues before the operation.

  1. Donor site, used in FUE hair transplantation, would grow new hair in place of the collected ones

This common known point is fully wrong. Even no scars are visible in donor site; no new hair grows in place of the extracted hair follicles.

  1. Can hair be transferred from other people?

It is technically impossible, and usually asked by people with insufficient donor site.

  1. People with hair transplantation turn into a grass head

The mandatory rules of successful hair transplantation operation:

– Natural direction and frequency of transplanted hair
– Using donor site in most efficient way and no diminishes during extraction process
– Fast healing time after hair transplantation
– Having a natural looking result in recipient site after 12 months
– No visible scars in donor site after hair growth

In summary, having an experienced plastic surgeon as your doctor will help you abovementioned points and also will prevent you to turn into a grass head.

  1. I want to have 5000-10000 follicles transplanted by FUE

It should be remembered that donor site has limits. These limits determine the collectible hair count and also how much of this hair is safe to collect.

Hair collected out of safe area will most likely be lost in upcoming years, and therefore it is a temporary solution.

On the other hand, collecting high counts of follicles will cause insufficient donor site for any future hair loss situations.

Along all of these, recipient area might become insufficient on feeding all the transplanted hair and therefore there is a possibility of hair loss.

  1. FUE hair transplantation should be performed under doctor’s supervision

Hair transplantation process should not be performed under doctor’s supervision; it should be performed by the doctor. Your doctor perform extraction of the follicles and opening canals for hairs to be placed, and by doing these; he/she determines that extracted follicles are suitable for need, they were collected with minimum diminish, and he/she also determines direction and frequency of the hair as well.

Wrong Things About Hair Transplantation

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