Would an experience of trauma cause loss of transplanted hair?

I had transplanted hair eight (8) by using FUE method. Everything went smooth about healing, hair growth, and hair frequency. I lost a close friend at the end of autumn, and then I had a car accident in same week; all of these worn me out both psychologically and physically. My wife helped to realize the large amount of hair loss I was experiencing. Can I fix this situation by taking medicines?

Being healthy is more important than hair loss.

It is common to experience hair loss after experiencing trauma. It can be fixed by time or help of supportive treatments. Seeing our doctor will be the right step. If you are taking any medicines for your current situation, you should share it with your doctor. It would be helpful to consider side effects. You might need to see a doctor for your psychological trauma.

All our family members are experiencing sudden hair loss.

I live with my family in a foreign country due my job. I and my wife are experiencing intense hair loss in last four months. Lastly, our 15 year old son started to experience hair loss.

It is possible to have hair loss due environmental factors. It is essential for you to determine the reason of this issue. Seeing your doctor, and get your house checked by the authorized officials of your country would be a smart move.

I hit my head two weeks after hair transplantation operation. After one year, there is no hair growing on the area I hit.

It is possible to damage follicles by the hit. Therefore, that area and surrounding areas might stay as bald. Because of local anesthesia, it is common for patients to hit their head in the first few days after hair transplant. You might need to see your doctor in this case.

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