What should be ideal hair length on hair transplant operation?

What should be the ideal hair length for a person having hair transplant operation? Would hair frequency be different on people with same donor site hair length but different recipient site hair length?

Hair frequency of donor site is important in hair transplant operation. Other thins to be considered in planning are: width of the hair transplant area, hair frequency of non-lost hair (you need a suitable hair transplant plan for your non-lost hairs), hair thickness, skin health, and your age. All these criteria are the base of the hair transplantation plan. Hair transplant in regard of these criteria will be unique for you; therefore, it can be different than others. It is beneficial for you to be cautious about these points during your interview with your doctor.

Do you suggest hair transplantation from body hairs?

The doctor I interviewed with told me that my donor site was inefficient and he might use my body hair as well. Would using body hair provide the same result as well?

Short and clear, BHT (hair transplantation through body hair) is a reality of hair transfer procedures. On the other hand, we are not eager to use them since they are not as good as the ones collected from the head area. We prefer to apply little hair transplantation revisions in special cases (when the donor site is insufficient). It should be remembered that body hairs have shorter life cycle than the head hair.

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