Questions that forgotten to be Asked about FUE Hair Transplant

It is normal to have many questions while deciding for hair transplant. It is also your right to demand your doctor to answer them. It would be helpful for you to write your questions down or ask your questions as you remember them to your doctor.

On the other hand, there is one thing certain; it is that there is always one more question to ask. Let’s check some of the questions you forgot to ask before the operation.

Why do I have hair loss?

This should be undoubtedly the first question. Along with checking ‘Hair Loss Causes’, your doctor should determine and explain the personal cause and he/she should advise you.

How many grafts or follicles should be transplanted?

It is not important how many you doctor can transplant; it is important that how many you need to be transplanted. Remember, you donor site has a limit and you will need this donor site in case of continuity of hair loss. The right decision would be transplanting necessary amount of follicles.

How many sessions do I need in order to have desired appearance?

You need to have realistic expectations for your hair transplant results and process. It is possible for your doctor to ask you for having second hair transplant in upcoming years.

It is just a marketing phrase and far away from reality to say, ‘one hair transplant session will cover all the bald area’.

Ask your doctor’s specialization and how many years he/she is working in this field…

There is no doubt that you would not like to be the first patient of your doctor for FUE hair transplant. Therefore, you can ask your doctor about his/her capabilities along with his/her certification for the operation.

How many FUE hair transplant operations did your doctor perform until today?

Remember to ask your doctor the number of operations she/he performed. It will affect your decision to see before and after pictures of fue hair transplant.

How many nurses will work along with your doctor during hair transplant operation?

It is necessary for nurses to join doctor during hair transplant operation in order to help. Remember to ask what these nurses’ duties will be, too.

Are the nurses in the operation permanent or contracted employees?

If there is long term and stabile business relation between the nurses and your doctor, both operational and trust processes will be easier to accomplish. This will have a positive effect on your operation result. Your doctor’s guarantee for a contracted nurse will not be realistic at all.

Ask your doctor’s international certificates and experiences.

ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) and ESHRS (European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) are most well-known organizations in this field; and medical and technological experiences are shared within these organizations. It would be a right decision to have hair transplant surgery by the doctors who are accepted in these organizations.

Who will apply anesthesia procedure in hair transplant operation?

It is only possible to have comfortable and pain-free hair transplant through a local anesthesia performed by the right person.

When will my hair grow?

Your doctor will tell you that the first results will come in 3-8 months after hair transplant and 12 months later the final result will be gained.

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