The hardest part for a  hair transplant is the decision of having surgery. Once you decide to have one the rest is easier.

Hair transplantation, which is based on the principle of transferring the hair follicles collected from the donor area to bald or sparse areas by microsurgical methods, is performed in 5 basic steps. Hair transplantation steps are as follows; Preparation, Planning, Extraction, Channel opening, Implantation. Although it varies according to the technique applied, the process is completed within an average of 6 – 8 hours.

Hair transplantation steps begin with the blood test, hair analysis, and haircut on the day of the operation. With the planning stage, after calculating how many grafts will be transplanted to which area and determining the frontal hairline separation, the operation is started. During the hair transplantation, all stages are performed under local anesthesia. Grafts are first collected from the donor area. Then, the channels are opened for transplantation and the process of hair transplantation stages is completed by placing the hair follicles in the opened channels.


The first step of the hair transplant phase process is preparation.  All details such as the reason for the hair loss, whether the person is suitable for hair transplantation or not are determined in the preparation phase. The preparation phase basically starts with hair analysis and blood tests. Hair Analysis is a free procedure performed by the doctor to reveal the cause, type, and level of hair loss. Hair analysis can be performed easily by physical examination, such that physical examination is sufficient even in the detection of androgenetic alopecia, which is one of the most common types of hair transplantation, without the need for a diagnostic test.


The most important step of the hair transplantation stages is the planning stage. The hair type, hair thickness, and the density of the area from which the hair will be removed are taken into consideration at this stage. After examining the hair follicles and their amounts, in the planning stage, where the number of grafts is needed, where more grafts will be obtained, and where to transplant in the balding area are taken into consideration at this stage of the hair transplantation stages. As a result of all analyzes and calculations, the most efficient area for hair transplantation is determined as the donor area, and the necessary steps are taken for the operation. The first of these steps is to shave the hair and the second is to determine the front hairline.


After the planning, the operation will start.  The operation process is the answer to the surgical stage of the question of how to do hair transplantation. The operation process starts with the patient, whose hair has been brought to suitable shortness for transplantation, to the operation room with special sterile surgical clothes. Although the operation process undergoes some changes according to the transplantation technique, the general lines have similar characteristics.

In the operating room the doctor and the team work on the scalp and the procedure go on with the following steps:
Local anesthesia of the donor and the recipient area
Opening the channels
Extraction of grafts
Transplanting the hair follicles to the recipient area
During the operation, the patient is awake. In hair transplantation operations, which can last for 4-8 hours, a comfortable operation is provided by taking a break between the operation stages. If necessary, the patient can eat. As a frequently asked question, smoking is never allowed on the day of the hair transplant operation. This is very important for the health of the patient and the successful completion of the operation.



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