About Us

Welcome to Dr.Ilker Apaydin

They say aesthetic surgery makes you look younger. That is only one part of the truth. Aesthetic surgery makes you look younger and also it makes you feel younger.


Most of our patients -either men those are seeking a solution for their baldness, or men and women looking for a body sculpture, a face lift or a nose job– being under the stress of going into surgery, do not realize the impact of the procedure in their life. After the surgery the stress still lingers but at a lower level. But when healing starts, the edema is gone and the hair starts growing there comes the new age.

It is not just about hair growing, or a good looking body or face, but it is about feeling confident, feeling beautiful, feeling active and young in work or social environments. That is when our jobs pay back.

NewAge Clinic is a hair transplantation and aesthetics clinic situated in the heart of Istanbul. Our clinic is a doctor-only clinic as advised by International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS).

Dr. Ilker Apaydin has long passed their 20 years at the surgery theaters with many happy patients all around the world. In our clinic Dr. Ilker takes care of the hair transplantation patients and some other minor procedures, .

We try our best to change this stressful event to a nice experience. Our patient coordinators take care of your needs out of the surgery room. We want you to get the most of our chaotic, crazy, vivid, yet very beautiful city Istanbul.