Would I lose my hair years after a successful Hair Transplant Operation?

I am 38 years old and I had FUE hair transplant in City of Brussels 4 years ago. I had no issues until this year. Even I am happy with natural look and frequency, I realized some partial hair loss and thinning. I wonder if the hair loss continues…

It would be beneficial for you to see your doctor first. Therefore, it can be understood rather you are having an issue with transplanted hair or not. If another hair loss is the subject on your non-transplanted hair, I am sure your doctor will suggest you other solutions.

In FUE Hair transplant operation, it is not highly possible to have hair loss if the donor site is safe and result of operation is positive. It is also possible to experience stress related (telogen effluvium) hair loss. If you are taking any drugs, check their side effects on hair loss.

I am experiencing seasonal hair loss

We have a family history of male pattern baldness. I am 24 and I realized that I have more hair loss during seasonal changes. My hair stylist mentions that it is normal to have seasonal hair loss. Even there is no bald area yet, men over 40 year old in both my mother and father sides have hair loss in top and frontal areas on their head. I need advices about the precautions I should take.

Even the number of emails is large about seasonal hair loss and hair thinning; there is no medical explanation on the subject. Having blood and hormone tests can bring light to the subject.

It is possible but not certain that you will experience the male pattern baldness as it seen on your family. In order to avoid risk, you can start to supportive treatments under your doctor’s supervision. Therefore, you will have a chance to stay away from aggressive hair loss and protect your hair.

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