Will Hair Cloning Method Eliminate the Necessity for Surgical Method?

Will hair cloning method eliminate the necessity for surgical method?

Doubtlessly, hair cloning method will have a significant part in the future. On the other hand, we should remember that cloned hair will be transplanted. Therefore, collective methods of FUT and FUE will be replaced by hair cloning method; but the doctors will continue to preactive transplantation process. Probably, there will be possibility of high amount of hair transplantation since there is not the limitation of donor site.

Does continuously being in an air-conditioned environment cause hair loss?

Being under air-conditioned environment may cause loss of hair moisture. But there are not sufficient clinical studies to implement for hair loss.

I lose handful of hair daily. Does it indicate a baldness problem?

Losing 100 hairs a day would not be an issue. If you experience more than this amount, you should see a hair expert.

Does blow-dry or other styling methods cause hair loss?

These methods do not cause hair loss, but it would be helpful to reduce using them in case of experiencing hair loss.

Can regular skin and hair massage reduce hair loss?

Massage without using any products has no benefits. If you are applying this massage with a comb and likewise equipment, you are actually braking and harming hair.

I have a short haircut in different time periods, sometimes I even shave it. As a result I see my hair is growing back stronger and thicker.

Having a regular hair cut or shaving it does not strengthen it. The closer part of the hair to scalp is stronger, that’s why you are feeling in this way.

I dry my hair by using high heated blow-dry after every shower. Does it damage my hair?

Regularity of this behavior might damage your hair. But this hair loss will be temporary.

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