Surprising Facts about Hair

Facts about hair…

  • An average man spends 5 months of his life for shaving.
  • Redheads have around 90.000 hairs. Brunettes have around 110.00 hairs.
  • Humans have the same amount of hair with chimpanzees.
  • Hair loss increases during heavy diets.
  • The reason behind whitened hair is the death of a pigment cells responsible the regeneration of ‘melanin’.
  • The known longest bearded person is Hans N. Langseth with his 17.5 long beard who was born in 1846.
  • ‘Keratin’ is the basic element of our hair and nails.
  • Quitting smoke rates are 50% higher on men with hair transplantation compared to men with no hair transplantation.
  • Eyebrows live for 3-5 months
  • An adult male body produces around 35 meters of hair daily.
  • Brylcreem produced in 1929 is the first hair product for men.
  • In ancient Egypt, hair was a symbol of squalidness.
  • Surveys show that 66% of men think that dying hair is natural need.
  • An eyelash lasts for 150 days.

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