Questions from You about Hair Transplant

I had FUE hair transplant in Istanbul in August 2015. I want to have the second one on April 2016 due to busy work schedule. Would it be too early for the second operation? What is the earliest time to have second operation?

Assuming your donor site is healed, it is possible to have second operation in April if the recipient area is different. If you are going to have frequency increasing hair transplant on the same area, it is suggested for you to wait until July.

I had 2500 follicles of FUT hair transplant operation at New York in the beginning of 2000. I lost most of my hair beside the transplanted ones. I want to have the second hair transplant through FUE method. Scar behind my head is a little large, is it possible for me to have hair transplant on scarred area?

There are not any problems for you to have your second operation through FUE method. If you have sufficient donor site, you can have hair transplant on scarred area as well.

I am 24 years old and I have long hair. Even I do not have any serious hair loss problems, my frontal hair line moved up around 2-3 centimeters. My frontal hair line consists from very thin hairs. I want to have FUE hair transplant for this area, but I do not desire any haircut. I read that there is no haircut on FUT method but it leaves a scar behind.

It is possible to have FUE hair transplantation without a haircut. Of course there are some requirements for it. If it is needed less than 2000 follicles and the recipient area is limited, it is possible to have FUE hair transplant for the people with long hair. There is no need for haircut in FUT method, but you will have stitches on back of your head for ten days.


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