Questions from You about Hair Transplantation ON SCAR

Does having hair transplantation on scar be successful?

About 10 months ago I had Fut hair transplantation operation. In 2004, I had 770 grafts transplanted on the scar from FUT hair transplantation. The hair transplantation operation took around two and half hours. Hair transplantation on my scarred tissue did not fully cover the scar, but covered the visibility by large amount. I was wondering; is there any harm of having hair transplantation on scar and how many hours do the collected follicles in FUE hair transplantation can stay out?

It is one of the biggest concerns of patients to have their collected hair follicles to stay outside for long time in FUE hair transplantation. Even it is known that grafts can stay out in a special solution up to 24 hours, doctors do not prefer to keep them out longer than 8-9 hours.

Hair transplantation on scarred tissue may not always show the expected growth. I am sure, your doctor has mentioned prior to FUE hair transplantation. Additionally, you still have time since only 10 months passed after your hair transplantation operation.

My donor site is not sufficient for hair transplantation. Can I have hair follicle transferred from family members?

My hair was always weak since my childhood, and I lost all my hair on frontal and top area when I was in my twenties. Dermatologists I talked with told me that it was genetic and tried a few treatments. None of them worked out for me. Lastly, I talked with doctors for hair transplantation option and I was told that my donor site was not sufficient. They added that transplanted hair would possibly be loss anyways. As a result, would I have a chance to transfer hair follicles from a family member with sufficient donor site? Maybe I can have a chance if the some requirements are fulfilled, just like in having an organ transplant.

Theoretically twins can have hair follicle transfers between each other but in this case they will be having the same hair loss issue. If we consider it as organ transplant, you need to have extremely strong and harmful injections prior to hair transplantation in order to prevent organ rejection of your body. I simply think it would not worth it for a cosmetic issue.

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