Hair Transplantation COST In Dıfferent COUNTRIES

How much does hair transplantation cost in other countries? What are the effective factors on hair transplantation prices?

Hair transplantation, especially FUE hair transplantation, is highly popular worldwide. For this reason, many new hair transplantation centers are opening; and many doctors are working really hard to be the best in their field. Without a doubt, having these many new hair transplantation centers is causing drop on FUE hair transplantation prices. Countries with an advantageous hair transplantation prices are:

India79 %
Dominican Republic69%
Costa Rica62%

Sleep schedule after hair transplantation

I had a great sleep after the first night of hair transplantation by the help of the drugs. I think being tired after having FUE hair transplantation operation for 7 hours was also part of it. I went to bed around nine pm and slept till 12 pm next day. Is it normal for me to sleep that long?

It is normal for you to have nice first night sleep after the having a tiring FUE hair transplantation operation and using some drugs. The possible reason of your long sleep on second day should be taking some drugs. Low tension and blood sugar levels should be tested. It would be a smart move to consult with your doctor.

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