Hair Transplantation Consultation

What am I supposed to do prior to hair transplantation consultation? Do I need to bring any medical records?

It would be helpful for you to bring any medical records for your hair loss, if there is any. Besides that if you have any blood test results and list of the drugs you are taking, this would also be helpful to bring along for more efficient consultation. It is necessary for you to not use any topical coverers or likewise products, and taking off any wig or prosthesis prior to your consultation.

Are hair transplantation consultations and hair transplantation operation covered by insurance?

Since hair transplantation procedures are cosmetic surgeries; hair transplantation examination and hair transplantation surgery are not covered by insurance.

Is there a refund policy in case of lesser hair follicle transplantation than planned?

Hair follicle count may be less than the planned at hair transplantation consultation in rare occasions. In this case, payment is made for the amount of transplanted hair follicles.

What is the procedure on cancelling hair transplantation appointment?

If you cancel your hair transplantation operation 7 days prior, you can get refunded. There is no refund on delays for hair transplantation operation.

Are we supposed to have a decision on hair transplantation method during consultation prior to hair transplantation?

Decided hair transplantation method during planning before hair transplantation operation will determine the amount of collected hair follicles. Among that, it is also possible to change operation length. As a result, your doctor’s operation plan will be changed as well. Considering all these factors, it is important for you not leaving decision for hair transplantation method to the last minute, and decide it together with your doctor.

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