Hair Transplant Seasons for Occupational Groups

January – February – March

Hair transplant operations are permanent treatments that are preferred by mostly men from many occupational groups, and they are one of the most important esthetical surgeries. Faster healing processes and being a minimal invasive procedure provide hair transplant operations the opportunity to be applied in every season.

7-10 days of healing process means that people can return to their jobs and social lives shortly. For this reason, it looks like occupational groups prefer hair transplant regardless of the season.


The winter break is undoubtedly a great opportunity for teachers to have hair transplantation. 7-10 days of healing period will be the key for teachers to enter summer with their new hair.


Another occupation group prefer to have hair transplantation in January is lawyers. Mostly judiciary recess is preferred, but lawyers still have FUE hair transplantation in their short January holiday time.


Pilots fly airplanes less in summer season, and use their vacation in January-February-March period; and they prefer to use this period for having Hair transplantation.

Tourism Employees

Tourism employees work hard in summer season and they prefer to have hair transplantation in three months period after New Year celebrations.


Bankers are undoubtedly planning to have hair transplantation in their 10 days of annual vacation right after year-end closure processes and they play to recover before going back to work.

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