Hair Loss and Diet

I am losing weight rapidly with the new diet I started, but I am facing hair loss as well. At first, I was told it was temporary; but now I think it is more and more serious.

It is a common issue to experience hair loss during and after intense dieting programs. It can be caused by occurrence of vitamin deficiency during body’s adaptation to new diet program. It would be beneficial for you to share this situation with your dietitian and trying to find a solution for your losing hair with help of an expert.

Could gene therapy be a new miracle for the hair losing after hair cloning?

It is not possible to predict something like that, while even hair cloning is not available for humanity. There are several clinical studies worldwide for hair loss. Even most of the hair loss treatments are discovered randomly, it is possible to have a gene therapy solution for genetic hair loss. In this case, treatments for hair loss, hair transplantation procedures, and many more hair product would be unnecessary.

Hair lossing after age of 40

If DHT levels are related to testosterone levels and these levels peak at age of 18 to 22, how can a 40 year old people experience hair loss? Does DHT level increase by age? Do hair follicles would be more sensitive against DHT by age? Can hair loss at 40 cause by something else, but DHT?

The most common hair losing type in men is genetic hair loss.

The process starts around 20s and continues at 30s. Beside this generalization, hair losing pattern may differ (hair loss can occur at ages of 40s and 50s).

If we do not have any hair loss written in our genetic codes, DHT level is ineffective on hair loss regardless of its value. Acts of your genetic coding will determine your hair loss pattern.

There might be underlying reasons for hair losing after age of 40. At the end, every hair loss has this possibility. Having your blood and hormones tested will lighten the subject.

Can wearing a hat cause hair losing?

I have an increasing hair losing in last months. I have to wear a hat at my new job for continuously 2-3 hours daily. Can this situation cause hair losing? If this is temporary, what kind of treatment can I use?

Wearing a hat does not cause male pattern baldness. On the other hand, wearing a tight hat continuously may harm hair and it can be increasing hair loss. Even PRP loss of hair treatments can be the solution, you still need to reduce hat wearing time.

Is it possible to determine hair losing pattern?

A doctor, specialized on hair transplantation and hair loss, may have specific scientific predicts in accordance with your age and hair status.

Hair loss can be encountered in different parts of life and in various levels in regard of person’s genetic codes. Considering external factors, predicts cannot be 100% correct. It is only possible to have a general prediction by considering age and family’s hair history.

Is there a relation between losing hair and stress level?

Even it is a known fact that hair losing increases in existence of uncontrollable stress level, it is not true for everyone. It seems impossible to measure this situation that differs from person to person.

It is more possible to encounter with immune related diseases under stress, such as; alopecia aerate, telogen effluvium, and etc.

Is it true that using smaller punch provides better results on FUE hair transplantation? Is it possible to use 0.3 mm punch?

Recently, 1 and 1.2 mm punch were in use for FUE hair transplantation; but right now it is common to use 0.6 mm-0.9 mm punch. Smaller punch provides faster recovery and minimal scars.

On the other hand, it seems unrealistic to have hair follicles collected by 0.3 mm punch.

How can I find a good hair transplantation specialist?

It is possible for you to find mentioned doctors both in our country and foreign countries on International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) or European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ESHRS) webpages. Plastic surgeons, specialized on hair transplantation, are qualified and certified on the field as regulated by Ministry of Health.

If the collected hair follicles were received form a possible loss of hair area, would they be loss or permanent in the future?

The only reason we collect hair follicles from donor site during hair transplantation process is that we know they are not going to be loss. You can be sure other parts beside donor site will experience hair loss as it is written on their genetic codes.

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