Hair Loss and COL17A1

One of the major Hair follicle miniaturisation has been discovered and as a result this is the door step of many alternative hair loss therapies.

In Tokyo Medical and Dental University ,Japan the research has been carried out and now it has come to a solid result.

Last month in Science Magazine the details of this research has been released .

Briefly; examining the hair growth cycle on mice showed up that depletion of Collagen 17A1 has some serious effects on hair loss.

Plus, it has been found out that DNA damage related by aging cause lack of Collagen 17A1

Hair follicle stem cells turn into  skin producing cells (keratinocytes)  when there is lack of Collagen 17A1 . Thus, when the hair follicle stem cells evolve to be a  skin producing cells   they can’t feed hair follicles .

 What is the point then?

As a result of these facts here is a small list of what can be focused on for further progress?

1) Could DNA damage by aging be prevented ?

2) Getting additional Collagen 17A1 to the scalp is possible?

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