Hair Colors in Regard of Ethnicity

Our hair is unique. Even there are similarities of two different people’s hairs, they are never totally same. There are three hair types in regard of ethnicity. There can be varieties between these groups. Differences show themselves as hair frequency, hair growth rate, and hair style. As a result, unique hair combinations come out.

Regardless of ethnicity, hair consists of three sections; cuticle, cortex and medulla, of course there is also the basic protein, keratin.

Asian Hair Type: The most common hair type. Hair is usually straight. It is the fastest growing hair type by growing 1.3 cm per month. There is average of 80.000-140.000 hairs.

Afro-Caribbean Hair Type: It is spiral. It usually has around 50.000-100.000 hairs. It is the slowest growing hair by growing 0.9 cm per month.

Caucasian Hair Type: It is a mix of two hair types. It grows 1.2 cm per month and has the most hair frequency. Blondes have 146.000 hairs, brunettes have 110.000 hairs, people with brown hair have 100.000 hairs, and red hair people have 86.000 hairs.

Ethnicity differences of our hair create different care needs.

For example, Afro-Caribbean hair types have no luck on natural oil because of their spiral shape. They need to be protected for breaking and skin issues. On the other hand, Asian hair types have no issues of moisture because of their straight structure; but fast growth rate can cause some problems on long hairs.

There are different hair care alternatives for every hair type. It is determined by not only our ethnicity but by the surrounding environment, hair length, and body’s vitamin need.

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