Frontal Hair Line restoration by FUE Hair transplant surgery

I have low frontal hairline. Is it possible to change frontal hairline through FUE Hair Transplant method?

When I was in my early 30s, I experienced hair loss; therefore, I had two FUT hair transplantations in years of 2004 and 2005. Even I am happy with my hair situation, my frontal hairline is too low and unnatural. Is it possible to transfer the hairs on front to bald middle areas by using new FUE hair transplant method?

If you are not happy with your frontal hairline, you can talk with your doctor to move it higher? If it is collected by using 0.6mm – 0.7mm punch as possible, there will be minimal scar. It is possible to transplant them on bald areas; but since most of them are singular, the covering effect will not be satisfying.

Another alternative is removing unwanted ones through laser epilation. In order to plan all of these, your frontal hairline should be examined.

Post surgery after hair transplant

Even 5 weeks passed after FUE hair transplant, why none of the transplanted hair is lost?

I had hair transplantation by using FUE method 5 weeks ago. My doctor mentioned both written and verbally that transplanted hair will be lost in 4 weeks. It is told many times that it is a natural process. Right now, 5 weeks passed after hair transplant and there is no visible surgery scars. I am extremely happy with my hair, but all the hair is still in place. Even I am happy with that, I still cannot stop think that there might be a problem.

What your doctor told you was completely true. Transplanted hair should be naturally lost around 80% in 3-4 weeks. On the other hand, this situation is rarely seen on some cases. If the transplanted hair keeps growing, expected result of hair transplant can be reached in 4-5 months instead of 8-12 months. You should have no worries or concerns about your situation. I think, you can consult with your doctor if your doubts continue.

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