What Are the Set Criteria for FUE Hair Transplantation Prices?

In this article, you will explore the set criteria for FUE hair transplantation prices.

First of all, we should remember that we are talking about 5-6 hours long hair transplantation surgery. Regardless of the conditions; it is legally mandatory to have a doctor for performing this surgery. 65% of 5-6 hours long operation is done by the Plastic Surgeon himself/herself. He/she will also be a supervisor at the rest of the operation.

  • Local Anesthesia – 15-20 minutes – Performed by your Plastic Surgeon.
  • Extraction (Extraction of the follicles) – 2-3 Hours – Performed by your Plastic Surgeon.
  • Opening Canals – 30 minutes to 1 hour – Performed by your Plastic Surgeon.
  • Placing follicles – 1.5-2 hours – Performed by Specialized Nurses.

In this all process, the criterion to set the hair transplantation prices are that your doctor has to perform the operation; and you should never confession for this criterion.

Also, having experienced nurses on placing follicles along with an experienced doctor will provide comfort for you during the operation. Cost of the experienced nurses in operation is the second important criterion.

Medical consumables are the last criterion. Even there are many consumables; it would be beneficial to choose the best consumables possible.

As can be seen, abovementioned criteria are the most important for setting the price of FUE hair transplantation operation.

Dr. Ilker offers the latest medical developments and highest quality service. We are always committed to ensuring that our patients feel they are in safe hands. A successful hair transplant operation requires the efficient use of the hair follicles on the donor site which is a limited region. As the donor site does not contain an infinite number of follicles to be used after extraction, and as no new follicles develop to replace the destroyed follicles, the extraction of hair follicles by an experienced Plastic Surgeon who is specialized in the area is an indispensable condition for a successful hair transplant operation.

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