Could smoking be the cause of my hair loss?

Study published on British Medical Journal indicates that smoking can have a negative effect on hair growth.

It is well-known fact that smoking 20 or more cigarettes a day has a positive relation with Androgenic Alopecia.

Cigarette includes nicotine, carbon monoxide, and other harmful ingredients that blocks blood circulations; it also damages nutrition of hair follicles. It would give you a certain result to be examined by a specialized doctor.

If I continue smoking after hair transplant, would my transplanted hair get damaged?

After hair transplant, the newly transplanted hair follicles need more oxygen more than ever. For this reason, smoking is one of the forbidden habits for a while after hair transplant surgery.

I have a very oily scalp, could it be the reason for my hair loss?

High sebum generation in early ages is a normal situation and it does not cause for hair loss. You can choose your daily shampoo by considering this situation or you can follow an expert’s opinion on the subject.

Who should I talk with at the hair transplantation centers?

The decision process before hair transplant can sometimes be painful.

Which hair transplant center should I choose? Will my hair transplant be a success? Is there any pain during and after hair transplant? Who are qualified for performing hair transplant?

More can be added to these questions.

In order to have a convenient hair transplant operation, you should demand to interview with the operating plastic surgeon at to be visited hair transplant centers. If there is more than one operating plastic surgeon, you can also get their opinion as well.

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