Calendar of Clinical Visits After FUE Hair Transplantation Operation

It is beneficial for you to be in touch with your doctor after FUE hair transplantation operation in order to receive follow ups and have better results. Suggested communication schedule is below:

First day control – (First day after operation), It includes checking the recipient area and donor area. Hair cleaning training is provided after scab recovery.

Second week control – It is the doctor examine for determining scab recovery and scalp recovery level. Then the important precautions will be reminded.

Third month control – It includes acne control and applying supportive treatment.

Sixth month control – It consists of follow up on hair transplantation area and growth of new hair, also applying supportive treatment if necessary.

Twelfth month control – Your will walk you through the final results of the FUE operation and he/she will direct you for the second operation. Along all of these, it is your right to consult with your doctor about any questions you have. Do not forget to take an appointment for your doctor before the consultation.

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