How Does It Work


Making the Decision

We know that taking the first step is the hardest. Don’t worry. We will make it easy for you.

Once you leave a message or get in contact with us, one of our patient coordinators will get back to you at the first convenience.

She will ask you to send some photos. She will explain you how to take these photos for a better evaluation from Dr. Ilker Apaydin.

The patient coordinator will show these photos to Dr. Ilker Apaydin. This may take some hours because the doctor will be mostly operating on some other patients.

After the evaluation, your patient coordinator will get back to you with a consultation report and a quote.

If you need more information you can ask for links about the clinic, about testimonials from previous patients, about detailed information of the procedure. You can still ask for a live consultation from the doctor.


After we have agreed on the operation date you can buy your flight tickets to the beautiful city of Istanbul and get your camera ready.

We will make all the accommodation and transfer arrangements for you.


You will be picked form the airport. According to the date and time of your operation appointment we will either take you to your hotel or directly to the hospital.

You will meet Dr. Ilker Apaydin either at the hospital or at the clinic. You will have a chat and relax a little bit while Dr. Ilker Apaydin will make a consultation and physical examination before surgery.


During the operation you will not feel much. The operation will be done under local anesthesia. It is a safe and easy procedure and we will ensure your comfort during this process. You will have a chance to eat and drink. You may also watch TV while the team is operating.


After the operation, you will be given instructions about the care and preservation of the transplantation area.  When all is finished at the operating room, you can either take a rest at the hotel or you can go for some shopping or sightseeing in beautiful Istanbul.

On the second day, you will be asked to come to the clinic or to the hospital for a soft washing done by the nurses.

Then the day for your flight back home comes, we will drive you to your scheduled flight when you are ready to go.


Our patient coordinators will check you in a month. But don’t wait for them to call. You can always get back to us about any questions in your mind. And please don’t forget to send your photos, so that we can enjoy and take pride in the progress on your scalp.